End of the Road


Boom! My Tankus time in 2016 has been and gone. I write this from a rain pummelled room in Cornwall as I prepare to embark on another cruise ship stint - hold on tightly, let go lightly! I am suffering from severe bombardment of the mind. Never have lessons in life been delivered in such frequency and with such potency. A summer for the ages! Onwards to floating home number 3. Has anyone seen my flute?



Trying to prevent scrambled egg head



Our tour has been truly ridiculous and my mind was close to morphing into scrambled egg. Mmmm scrambled egg. In my 23 years of life I have never experienced such an intense bombardment of events. Boom boom booooom!! Drove to Fusion festival to party, drove to Hamburg to play a gig, drove back to Fusion to play a gig (and party more) drove back to the UK. Invested in a wireless mic in Hamburg and started running around the stage. Played several main stage festival slots in the UK. Somewhere in all of this we drove to Switzerland on a separate trip and played Montreux Jazz Festival. While on tour I have consistently worked on my photography, writing, wacky film-making and  musicianship. Working on other projects while touring has certainly been the bedrock of my sanity-onwards with this beautiful chaos! Now to avoid becoming a jack of all trades...

See... I told you we had been busy! Enjoying a good sleep in Pennabilli after enjoying a nice exploding tyre on the drive to Italy.


 Getting on the Bandwagon


We have once again scrambled aboard Ophelia for our journey to Switzerland to play Montreux Jazz Festival! The Tankus the Henge bandwagon is a place containing equal amounts of beauty and chaos. When order is established the forces of nature immediately begin charting a course for disorder. We strive for disorder in our lives. At the heart of disorder is a relentless thirst for life. Disorder is the edge of things, the place where beauty rises up in its rawest form. ''Life is on the wire, the rest is just waiting.'' I agree Karl Wallenda, I agree.


George the Tractor



My 2016 experience of Glastonbury was truly bizarre. The best way I could construct a summary of what occurred was to make a video blog documenting my removal from a field by a tractor. Enjoy.


Mike the Merciful!


Rome is a humid blob on our rear horizon. We stop- Mike stares, his face makes the transition from mellow to mildly concerned- ''where the fuck is Tim'' he exclaims. The hobbit with a rock problem is dwelling under the table, coiled like a spring with sharp edges. Mike relinquishes his stare and returns to a state of equilibrium. The surrounding humans look bewitched, bothered and bewildered, as always- we remain the proud cause of their disproportionate discomfort. I smile about it all and purchase my salad - mmmmm tuna.